Feature Encoding with Python

In the machine, one important part is feature engineering. It is very common to see categorical features in a dataset. However, machine learning algorithms can only read numerical values. It is essential...

Machine Learning and its Types

Machine Learning is the scientific study of algorithm and statistical model that the computer system used to effectively perform a specific task without explicit instruction                                                   ...
Pentaho Repository

Create project repository in Pentaho

Pentaho Data Integration (PDI ) projects has several  types of file storage. The Pentaho Repository is recommended for CE/CE deployments and fully supported features. There are two type of repository...
Star Schema

Data Warehouse Schema Architecture

Data Warehouse environment usually transforms the relational data model into some special architectures. There are many schema models designed for data warehousing but the most commonly used are – Star...

Logical Versus Physical Design in Data Warehouses

In this topic we seen more details about logical vs physical data warehouse structure.  Your organization has decided to build a data warehouse. You have defined the business requirements and...


Data warehouses and their architectures vary depending upon the specifics situation. We can create with three different ways.  Basic Data Warehouse Architecture It is a...