About Us

Transform your data to actionable intelligence

ETL Point will help your business make better decisions by providing expert-level business intelligence (BI) services. Forecasting, strategy, optimization, performance analysis, trend analysis, customer analysis, budget planning, financial reporting and more. We use only proven open technologies to help businesses reduce costs and allow for easy integration with other platforms and applications

Our Services

1) Data Warehousing  and ETL
 Aggregate clean and accurate data from multiple sources into a single database optimized to process information quickly and safely.

2) Data Integration
We provide BI data integration services to help enterprises improve collaboration among different business applications and
functions to enable accurate decision making and analysis.
    –Data Warehouse Integration
    –CRM Integration
    –Flat files integration
    –Data Warehouse Integration

3) Reporting and analytics
ETL Point provides BI reporting & analytics services to help clients view, create, manage and
deploy data analysis and reports for improved business visibility and competitiveness.
    –Predictive Analysis
    –Statistical Analysis
    –OLAP Cubes
    –Data Mining

4) Corporate Training 
ETL Point provides corporate training on Pentaho Suite and Advanced data warehousing development.